Welcome to EasyEscrow, the cryptoEscrow provider

EasyEscrow is one of the first blockchain based escrow-acount providers. Here you can set up an escrow account without the need of a bank, but with the same security as a bank can provide at much lower cost than a bank will charge you! The set up is done in minutes, all you need is a MetaMask wallet and some Ethers of course. All escrows are truly peer-to-peer. You can set one up where you put your money in escrow and when you can release it when the other party has delivered their goods/services or vice versa, where the other party will put money into escrow to be released when you deliver the goods/services. Releasing is done by simple voting, if you both agree on the outcome (was it delivered ok, yes or no?) the funds are delivered to the entiteled partner. If both parties disagree, a objective third party will judge the situation and transfer the money to the appropriate party.

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More to follow

More to follow

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